Saturday, August 29, 2009

i'm in college!

Monday, July 20, 2009

and there are no tears, just pity and fear.

 It's only a month before I leave for college, which is sooooner than ever. I won't see my room again until Christmas.  But summer has been treating me well.  
1. free death cab show courtesy of channel 104.9
2. getting lost on summer nights
3. stargazing tomorrow  and light graffiti tonight 
4. summer retreat at mission springs
5. baayf 
6. warped tour x 2 
7. macbook pro baby! + itouch 
8. working a lot of hours has its pros and cons

But summer has also told me what mm how do I say this. The people who mean the most to me, and who I mean the most to? That sounds awkward.  Christine told me this quote, "Friendships are for a reason, a season, or a lifetime." Haha I love love the awkward moments when you see someone you're "friends" with at a store/restuarant/ more specifically frutti and oh it's super great. 

Ben Gibbard is a lyrical genius.  (Chris Walla as well.)
"as we peeled the freckles from our shoulders"
"the sugary smell of springtime" 

"And there are no tears, just pity and fear."

I really enjoy carrotsticks. 

Monday, February 9, 2009

so far, the best news of the year: BLINK IS BACK.
yes, Blink 182 is back. It's middle school all over again,
and I'm stoked. Should be touring this summer. I'm
thinking warped, but there are also rumors of a tour
with greenday, and I'm not sure how I feel about that.
Greenday has put out some pretty balllin records, but they're
getting old. It has been way too long since American Idiot.
Oh noooo. Yes. If Blink does play on warped, it would be a
only a 20 min show, which is not what they deserve.
Headlining tour please. So many tours to start the beginning
of the year, too bad I can't go to any. I'm missing the Take Action
tour w/ Meg & Dia, Anarbor, and Every Avenue, the farther
from earth world tour w/ Jacks and Matt Nathanson. I missed
Jacks on his last Hammers and Hearts tour. It makes me very sad that
I will miss this one as well. But! We Shot the Moon will have to suffice.
And maybe Mae! Haha but Mae isn't the same without Rob and Mark.
1. My cellular phone is slowly falling apart.
2. I bit into a nasty pepper bagel today. It was the worst thing ever.
3. I'm writing my Hamlet paper on frailty, and I should start.
4. I went to the library today during lunch and started reading Love in the Time of Cholera.
5. I need a haircut.